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Invest In your Leaders to bring them along faster and your enterprise will gain the lasting benefits of a more sustainable and profitable organization.    You will find that less falls on your back too when your team knows where they are headed, what constitutes success and what the score is.   Ever feel like its all on you?    You can create an engaged, excited team that continually challenges you to grow too.

Too often, as companies grow,  team leaders or those who were once in constant communication with the founder lose touch with key initiatives, feel out of the loop and lose enthusiasm for the companies goals.

 Apathy is deadly

Turnover is expensive

  Low productivity and internal confusion costs  businesses millions in lost revenue and profits daily. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this by keeping your team informed of the big goals, your vision and the mission as well as the key performance areas essential for growth.    Here are 12 tips for better profitability with happier team leaders.

  1. Share the big picture, often in private and public.  Perfect your CEO stump speech to inspire.   Know your talking point and repeat often.
  2. Encourage discussion and brainstorming, even debate about best tools, people and  ways to get there.  Know you don’t have to have all the best ideas.
  3. Set short weekly meetings to do team updates your on Big Rocks. (KPIs)
  4. Set one on one time to gain better understanding of the opportunities and obstacles your folks see and hear about and to share yours with them.
  5. Praise often, and give more credit in private than might always be due, its ok to give the benefit of the doubt.   Time will enable you to discern the givers from the takers.
  6. Criticize carefully and never before asking with appreciative inquiry about circumstances. Listen carefully to underlying issues and help them remove systemic roadblocks.       Receive their criticism with an open mind.
  7. Provide stretch goals and educational opportunities for your team and especially for the leaders.    Inspire them to be life long learners and appreciate their progress.  Acknowledge victories, large and small.
  8. Keep your eyes on the goal, and your ears open for new ways to get there faster while being faithful to your core values, mission and your key people. Publish the scoreboard and reinforce a culture of cheer them onward.
  9. Keep on learning and integrate internal and customer feedback to become irreplaceable as employer or supplier of choice.
  10. Value diverse opinions and cultures. The future is filled with uncertainty and you need all the intelligence and resources working on your behalf to win in these challenging times.
  11. Harvest your lessons and redeploy the learnings in a series of “liked best and next times.”

12. Remember you are on a journey… and life is about a series of short sprints.   Every day is a new day and you can begin again.  Reinvest in the things that have worked best in the past, eliminate the things and people who aren’t serving the mission.

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