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By: Patty DeDominic

A high performing team is a group of people working together for a common goal and achieving extraordinary results. High performing teams need to be equipped with a culture that encourages great results. As a leader, you play a role in creating this team by instilling common goals, values, and behaviors. Here are my top eight tips for leading a high performance team.

  1. Share the Vision

A group of people who are all on the same page and working together will be much more efficient than a group working individually with individual goals. As a leader, you need to communicate both the team’s long term and short term goals so team members can see how their roles fit into the greater whole and how their daily work helps accomplish the end goal.

  1. Share the Knowledge

Share your knowledge and facilitate knowledge sharing within the team. By leveraging the collective knowledge within your team, you can perform at a much higher level.

  1. Share the Glory

Let everyone know when the team or an individual team member achieves a milestone or does something exceptional. Share the good news and celebrate successes.

  1. Share the Feedback

One thing that high performing teams all have in common is honest and opencommunication. Giving honest feedback will help foster a culture of trust within your team.

  1. Recruit the Right People

Your team members shouldn’t all have the same strengths and weaknesses. Find people with differing talents that complement each other, and try not to overlap too many skills to ensure a well-rounded team.

  1. Provide the Culture for Accountability

Accountability expectations should be made clear right away. In order to have a high performing team, peers should feel free to respectfully and immediately approach one another when there are problems. Not only does this pave the way for greater trust and productivity, but it frees the leader up from having to resolve squabbles.

  1. Provide Training and Coaching as Needed

Giving your team members extra training and coaching will pay off as they improve their skills and perform their jobs more effectively and at a higher level.

  1. Get the Heck Out of Their Way

Once your team is created and everyone understands their role, it’s time to step back and give them as much autonomy as possible. Trust them to be high performing with minimal interference from you. As they work, remove roadblocks that can get in the way of their progress, and continue to give them timely feedback as they work towards their goals.

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