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Are you Exploring Crowd Funding?    Maybe YOU Don’t Need Venture Capital Now!  

There are some things you can do this month to add to your non financial Capital Assets!  Yes, you can raise venture capital or find angel investors or you can find the angels in your employee ranks to help you grow to places you never imagined.    

 I’d like to help the world’s finest companies get even better and create amazing careers and fortunes for the owners.     

Are you ready to grow?  Do you need stronger wings for your business dreams?        You can find and lead better people and they will love the time the work with you.  

Become a talent magnet and a better leader.  You will soon find this to be true “people LOVE to send me money.”    I learned from financial coaches and mentors a long the way.  I learned in the trenches, at USC, UCLA Entrepreneurs Program, at Stanford University, Berkley for the Corporate Governance programs where I received ISS Certification and  at Harvard for Leadership.  

 It won’t have to take you 5 years to hit your million or 30 years to learn the lessons that I did.  Just join us this week and come to the SCORE Free Webinar by Patty DeDominic* on March 19, 2015 at 10 am pst.

8 Urgent HR Tips for Growing Businesses – Part I | SCORE

You can click this link to register and I hope you can attend.  This is a FREE seminar for small business owners.     Things YOU need to know about managing your team, becoming a greater leader and a talent magnet!    Part Two on 3/19/2015 at 10 am pacific time.

DeDominic Is Chief Catalyst and Coach to some of the worlds most amazing and accomplished leaders in business, philanthropy and economic development.    She has benefited from over 40 years in business, with mentors like David Gergen, .United States Presidents, Governors, the Council of Women World Leaders and the Young President’s Organization. Stanford University wrote a case study about her Corporation PDQCAREERS.com on succession planning before she sold it to a firm which consolidated and is now over $3 billion in sales.     You can find her in the Women Business Owners Hall of Fame, the top business consultants in California and in the book:  Leadership Secrets of America’s Top CEOs
If you have a mission driven company and are ready to move your team to the next level, you can reach her office easily  805 565 9967 and benefit from the network which is often called her Golden Rolodex.  

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