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An insightful and comprehensive article written by:  Marissa Perez – Business Pop

Do You Want to Know the Secrets to Pleasing Busy Customers?

E-commerce is a booming business, but that may not be the case for every e-entrepreneur. Like all businesses, it takes time and patience to turn a profit. Some people look at e-commerce as a way to make a quick dollar, but if you don’t have a strategy for engaging and maintaining a customer base, that early business boom will likely fizzle out.

People are busy, and that means your customers are busy. Want to take your sales to the next level by turning them into relationships? If the answer is yes, then check out these top 10 out-of-the-box ideas for turning busy shoppers into satisfied customers.

Be mobile friendly.

A busy customer is someone buying their kid’s birthday presents online during their lunch break or a new dress for a friend’s wedding while lying in bed. This means your next sale relies on their ability to browse your site and make their purchase from their smartphone.

Offer a quality product.

A customer in a hurry needs to know that the product or service they are buying from you is top-notch. Eliminating the worry, fear or uncertainty that comes from making an online purchase ensures they come back to your e-store. Why would they risk making a purchase somewhere else when they know, with your company, they get the best item for their budget?

Convenient (not pushy) customer service

Website chat pop-ups and easy-to-use contact forms can help busy customers get answers to questions that will encourage a sale. Answering emails within 24 hours is great, but for many online shoppers even that is too long. Provide several ways to communicate — including social media and phone — so that potential customers can get the confirmation they need to complete a purchase.

User-friendly website.

An easy-to-navigate website is the foundation of a profitable e-commerce business. This is one area where you need to be sure you don’t cut corners or costs. Your website needs to be attractive to the people who are most likely to purchase your product. The more appealing your website is the more your ideal customer will begin to feel brand loyalty.

Encourage reviews.

Social proof is a big selling point these days. Many people filter their Amazon searches by only looking at items that received four stars or higher. Making it easy for customers to rate and comment on your service will give confidence to other shoppers who might be in a hurry to make a purchase.

Know your audience and where they frequent.

Market your e-commerce product where your customers are present to listen. If your main demographic consists of millennials, purchase ads on Instagram. If boomers are more likely to buy your product, have a solid presence on Facebook. This draws in repeat customers by making shopping more convenient, as it smoothly slides right into their already established online routines.

Diversify Your Merchant Services.

Make the sale as painless as possible by allowing customers to use their PayPal, Apple Wallet and Google Pay accounts. This way you don’t lose a sale by someone unwilling or unable to dig out their wallet for a credit card.

Keep it in as few clicks possible.

The more a user has to click, the more opportunity you have to lose them. When a customer knows they can get in and out of your site within one or two clicks, they’ll be more likely to come back when their online browsing time is limited.

Creating repeat customers is the key to a successful business. Did you know that 88 percent of consumers won’t return to your e-commerce store if they have one bad experience or find your website challenging or unappealing? That’s why establishing a strategy to build relationships is a lucrative way to expand your sales, generate more business and create lifelong customers.


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