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Big Dreams for those whose Business Wings 
have Passion, Purpose 
Great Advisers.
Lynda Weinman, co founder of Lynda.com

How would you like to grace the cover or pages of  globally powerful business magazines?   Some of us have been fortunate to get this type of recognition for business success.  I have been honored to be among them and have ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster myself.  I sold my companies nine years ago and watch the aggregator surpass a staggering billion dollars in sales.   That, my friend, is a whole different ball game than the mom and pops which may up 90% of America’s businesses.   Today,   I am a  business coach at DeDominic & Associates in Santa Barbara California.    I have been been fortunate to associate, advise and learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in America.   

  Don’t you think everyone should be featured in Forbes Magazine just in time to celebrate a special birthday?  It’s not an impossible dream,  it happened this month  as Lynda Weinman got a very special gift.  The company announced another hundred million in investment capital, was featured in Forbes Magazine  and there are not too many more unique “gifts” than that.

  Lynda of lynda.com,  and her husband created the now famous business used by universities, governments and people around the world.   She is featured in Forbes as an American success story of epic proportions.    Congratulations to a woman, and her whole team including her husband Bruce, who has been living and working her dreams for over twenty years. You have earned your great success story and we here in the Southern California area are proud to call you a local! 

 Not exactly an overnight success, Lynda tells of some lean years and times when resources were scarce.    After 911, when people stopped flying in to Ojai for classroom training the company was forced to reinvent its service offerings.  Over the years  the company grew and added  more expert lead training sessions and content to help people learn about almost anything. Today the company is considered one of the fastest growing educational companies in the world. 

The Pacific Coast Business Journal  and other  technology news media reported that her company accepted over $186 million in outside funding and gross revenues are estimated to  have reached $150 million.    Not bad girlfriend!

She has been passionate about wanting to change the face and tools of education.    Years ago she told me she wanted to demystify and simplify the making of websites. Lynda wrote the first “plain English” version of  books on  website design. She has told the story to the MIT Venture forum,  the International Women’s Festivals and the National Association of Women Business owners many times.  Partnering with her husband Bruce Heavin  and being blessed to have a teachers minds and great skill, the couple created Lynda.com.    Their Carpinteria, California based company with 400 employees has enjoyed a spot on Inc. Magazines fastest growing educational companies for the past few years. 

  I recently renewed my membership it is still only $25.00 to have access to a world of training on almost any business subject you could wish for.    

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