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Business Power Tools CEO, Burke Franklin joined the Wings Mastermind Salon as our guest expert on July 28th. Burke will change the way you think about raising capital for your growing business. In this salon, Burke gives expert “how to’s” for better organizing your ideas, creating a business planning system that works for you and proven techniques to help fund, build and run your business!


The Wings Mastermind Salon and health guru to the CEO’s, Dr. Nick Araza want to help you better manage your stress! Learn the importance of greater personal health for your growing business and get stress management techniques for at home and at the office to get you to achieve more!


Since 2007 Diane Anthony has been helping people clear their clutter and find joy in less. She teaches simple techniques for success which she incorporates from her training with mentor Jack Canfield that take her clients from overwhelm to calm and does it in a way that is fun, easy and transformative.


Michele Jackman shows us where our ‘time bandits’ are and how we can better manage them to greater success. Do you suffer from wasted minutes each day? Are there times you feel that your day has ‘gotten away from you’? Watch how Michele demystifies this dynamic and presents tried and true solutions to this common problem.


Kathy Wertheim, CFRE of Werth-It! shows us how to ask for money! Fundraising is like sales except that fundraisers don’t have to deliver a product to the person who writes the check. How do fundraisers get people to write large checks when they don’t even benefit? Kathy Wertheim is a professional fundraising consultant who has raised MILLIONS of dollars and taught thousands of people how to ask for money in 22 states and Latin America.


Deborah Shames and David Booth of Eloqui teaches us how to break away from the pack with compelling anecdotes. Narrative is a powerful, persuasive tool. Memorable speakers, executives and recruiters are great storytellers. They understand the power of narrative. They know how to frame content, provide obstacles and incorporate vivid details to keep listeners engaged and achieve their objective.


Ellen Reid, president of the Reid Creative Group™ joins the Wings Mastermind Salon as our Guest Expert Learn the crucial importance of “positioning”–communicating the benefits of what you offer to your target market–and how to correct positioning, supported by the right tag line and promotional copy, will enhance the results you get from all your promotional endeavors.

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The Wings Mastermind Salon and Kathleen Ronald, CEO of Speaktacular, bring you Clutternomics! In our busy over booked lives we all struggle to find harmony due to all of life’s clutter that consumes us on so many levels. Clutter is a silent killer, a dis-ease that sucks out the “joy” of life and traps us in a never ending cycle of emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological pain. Clutter affects 19 areas of your life. The results are many and deeply transformative once you begin to get rid of the clutter.

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