Business Power Tools

Business Power Tools provides an integrated suite of software and templates to help you start and build your business.  A healthy mix of art, science, sweat, thought and humility is required all along the path of the “enlightened“ entrepreneur. There are necessary projects that form the foundation and structure of every organization. Certain things cannot be ignored nor abdicated, but sometimes they are perceived as costly or difficult or to implement. Business Power Tools apps and templates save the day! They’re easy to use, customizable to fit your business and style, and economical! Business Power Tools software and templates will help you organize your ideas, model your business, pitch investors & raise capital, collaborate with your team & advisors, implement productive HR policies, create a conscious business culture, profit from your experience & ideas and attract more customers!

Building a successful business and being a mindful and responsive entrepreneur is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bootcamp. Yet, few things are more rewarding and gratifying than succeeding with your own ideas and making a difference in the world. Business Power Tools help you sustain your ability to do what you love to do so you don’t have to go out and work for a living. If you want to make your calling in life, your livelihood, we have the software, tools and resources to help you build a successful business on your ideas — one that makes a profit and a difference in the world.

Business-Building Apps & Templates

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