Ellen Reid: Book Shepherding

ereidSince 1995, Ellen Reid’s excellence in book shepherding has helped scores of authors avoid the pitfalls of self-publishing. She works with a coterie of award-winning designers, copywriters, webmasters, photographers, et al., that will take your book from manuscript to print. Ellen also can advise you on the creation of support materials and services to launch the title and author, on who to use for distribution and fulfillment, and what it means to start your own independent press.

After reading your manuscript and engaging an in-depth consultation with you, Ellen will put together a creative team that will position your book at its proper level in the appropriate marketplace(s). That positioning will determine its cover design, subtitle, back cover copy, interior formatting, front matter content all executed by a team of Smarketing specialists. She will recommend the most economical source for printing and binding. Smarketing will work with webmasters to design a professional website and will work with graphic designers to create a professional Press Kit (including author’s bio and a synopsis, among other materials).

Are you ready to become a published author? Contact Ellen Reid’s Book Shepherding for everything you need to take your book from manuscript to print!

Link: http://www.bookshep.com/shepherd.html

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