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calendar pages and clocks representing the role of time management in a global business

3 Tips to Help You Own Your Schedule

                 Time management is one of those subjects that is getting a lot of attention lately. You see that, in today’s fast paced world, nearly everyone feels like they simply don’t have enough time to complete all of the tasks on their lists. There are plenty of gimmicks out there that purport to help you manage time, but many of them don’t work. Instead, let’s think about the high-powered people who accomplish so much, out of necessity. I’m talking about CEOs. Have you ever wondered what CEOs do to manage the demands on their time?

1. Rock star CEO’s create a routine.

No matter what the daily tasks consist of, CEOs create routines and blocks of time that help them streamline their days and maximize their output. Block out time for specific activities, like meetings, returning phone calls, research, and even free time. By creating blocks of activities, you are minimizing distractions and ensuring that you own your schedule, not the other way around. Time blocking is especially important when it comes to email. If you’re not careful to block out time for it, it will continually intrude on other tasks and take over your whole day.

2. Rock star CEO’s know their highest and best use of time and block appointment slots.

These blocks of time that are easily divided into appointments to help keep your days moving smoothly along. By booking appointment slots you can optimize your time. Here’s a tip: use a tool to allow people to choose their slot, I use Calendly and it works great! Book a time on my Calendar here and I will Prove it to you for FREE! If you would like a Free 15-minute time mastery check-up and tools to help you leverage your time, we can help you!!

3. Hire an assistant who helps you stay on your A game and delegate all your C & D tasks to others.

Rock star CEO’s actually manage their time.

spend time thinking about their time and where it goes, and how to make it go further. CEOs actively try to optimize their time. They may rely on their assistant to help as a gatekeeper and organize their schedule. Real business leaders think things through and plan. They think about whom they are meeting with and why, what they are doing, and how it all helps to meet their goals.

Take ownership of your schedule and you’ll be amazed how much more productive you will be. Not only will you be more productive, but you’ll feel less stressed because you’ll know that you’ve got a handle on your time. Having ownership of your time is extremely empowering. Who knows what you might be able to accomplish with all that free time to enjoy life.

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