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Since we sold PDQ Personnel Services assets to Select Staffing last year, things have continued to open up and no “sellers regrets” have set in. Having this time, particularly in 2007 and now in 2008 to reflect on a 30 year career in staffing and headhunting is quite a gift. Once again I find my life challenged, stimulated and enhanced by Just Plain Folk!

Best selling author Aman Motwane wrote a book called “Yes! You really can change the world”. Change the Way you see the world and the Whole changes. Aman has traveled around the world giving his sermons. No, he doesn’t seem to be a minister, unless you consider legions of business and community leaders his flock. Aman played a wonderful role in the Lauch of the USA celebratrations of International Women’s Day last March 8, 2008. The Festival attendees in Sedona Arizona and Santa Barbara, California really warmed up to his message and invited him into the inner circle immediately!

Another friend is writing a special song for our friend Dr. Jane Goodall, the world famous primatologist. Dr. Goodall has been telling us for a few years now that the clock is indeed ticking and without trying to plant fear, it seems she is indicating that the planet may have only a decade or two before the damage we are doing in permanent and unreversable. His focus and desire is to change the world. I guess he needed Permission from someone to write that song, and to give it to Dr. Jane. But I know first hand that Jane can use everyone’s help no matter when they come from or how big their checkbook or trust fund may be!

Why not jump on the band wagon and join us for the spectacular Earth Day programs in 2008 and do your own part to change the world? Jane says “every ONE has a role to play ” and your minors role of yesteryear may have been just the preparation you needed to make the big big difference this coming year.

I encourage you to reach out, to be there for your friends, for business and other colleagues. You might just be surprised about how much you can do with just a bit more foced effort! Or how much you can do with just a caring word at the right time. YOUR time to make a big difference in the world is NOW! Think of it this weay, Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country….. And a few good women too…. Our planet needs us.

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