Nola Force & Associates

Business coaching and legal consulting firm, Nola Force & Associates provides consulting services to individuals, businesses and organizations. Nola Force is experienced in coaching and trained in mediation, negotiation and paralegal work. As a successful real estate developer and broker during the first half of her business career, her skills include construction, project and partnership/company management, Finance, sales and service. Nola also includes hospitality management in her resume of projects and currently continues with financial and estate planning as well as developing win-win strategies for businesses and organizations. As one of her community service projects Nola offers her experience in legal processes including contracts and estate planning to those needing an interpreter or advocate when helping themselves–or needing to find the direction to move through a challenge or crisis.

Specialties: Coaching as in Bridge Building for individuals and businesses in varied business and life challenges; businesses as well as non-profit and co-profit projects; money strategies; and all aspects of real property, land planning, construction and investment. Excellent communication skills whether negotiating, coaching or training. Give her a call or email–the first ten minutes are free!

Nola likes people and believes we do our best for who we are at a given time. Claiming all of who we are can provide the courage for making the changes we need.

Contact: [email protected]

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