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Are you loving the Olympic champions this month in Rio?      It incredible to see the young athletes celebrate their accomplishments in being able to attend the world famous games.           How do they do it so consistently and how can “regular people” turn into gold medal award winning business leaders?     it happens all the time.

There are a few keys that all winners must learn and get drilled on by their coach.  Success is messy, and it comes with lots of failures.     Tenacity and commitment are essential.    Mastery comes from many hours and plenty of practice.      Here are a few tips that I share with business leaders when they hit a temp slump in productivity or sales.

  •  Show them the target…. or better yet,  let them tell you what the target should be.    Your team can be like a heat seeking missile when they know the why and the where.
  •   Respect them and you can empower them to take your company farther that you imagined by teamwork, planning and execution.
  •   Coach and lead by cheering from the sidelines.   You can’t do their work for them or get in their way by picking up their tasks.  Don’t be tempted to take over their projects to save the day:   You won’t win many prizes doing their work for them.

Every CHAMPION needs a goal and a target.  If they set their own goals the chances of hitting them are increased exponentially.       Help your team set their own goals by sharing the vision.  

Here is your script at the leader:   “This is where we are going………..  This is why we exist and our mission is to ………….”   Answering these questions in a dialog and then asking and really listening to how they want to contribute to the team getting there is like rocket fuel.

Capture their enthusiasm and their commitment with due dates.   Post the goal,  post the progress and celebrate the success milestones.   Refresh your plan, make sure they have the tools they need to do the job and then just get out of their way.

Have I hit a nerve with you?     I hope so and hope that it is a good reminder to coach yourself to become a better leader too.    Remember, success isn’t linear and it takes courage and resiliency.      You have to have it yourself to get your team to give you their best.       When you do you will provide lift and exhilaration to yourself and your team.  It’s guaranteed to work!

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