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Business Power Tools SoftwareBurke-Franklin-wgc

Business Power Tools software provides an integrated suite of software and templates to help you start and build your business. A healthy mix of art, science, sweat, thought and humility is required all along the path of the “enlightened“ entrepreneur. Learn more


Decision Toolbox

decision-toolboxDecision Toolbox is a recruitment products and services company. At their core, they are a veritable R&D lab obsessed with innovating and optimizing recruitment productivity, quality and service. Learn more


Tracy Repchuk

tracyrOnline Business Strategist and Digital Marketing Guru, Tracy Repchuk works with executives and business owners to build and manage their own successful digital marketing and online strategies so you can catapult your sales and reach millions with your product or service. Learn more

Socialize LA: Margaret Brown

socialize-la The digital marketing and social media strategy experts at Socialize LA are passionate about relationship building and lovers of all things business. Learn more

Emergent Digital

emergent-digital Digital marketing firm, Emergent Digital offers the highest quality services in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (SEM, PPC), and social media marketing (SMM), all for the greater good. Learn more

Finance & Loans


kabbage Kabbage, Inc. is an online financing technology company. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Kabbage helps small business finance their business dreams. Learn more

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar helps you manage your debt and gain financial independence. This is a Capturecomprehensive tool that will help those interested quickly develop their own personal debt payoff plan as well as strategies and techniques to accelerate debt payoff. Read more

Guide: Small Business Loans Loans & Other Financing Options for Women

In this guide we cover how business financing works in general, small business loan options from banks and credit unions, business lines of credit, grants for women small business owners, investment funds created specifically for women-run businesses, and more. Read more



knowledgecityKnowledgeCity offers online video training to promote professional development. Over 10,000 online video tutorials in the KnowledgeCity Library in Business Skills, Computer Software, and Leadership Training. Learn more…


lyndaQuality tutorials for many tools. Learn to do something amazing now. Unlimited access, free 10-day trial. Expert led training and quality video courses taught by industry experts. Get the plan that’s right for you. New courses added every week. You can learn something new today! Learn more… 


Adizes Institute

adizesThe Adizes Institute is a global consultancy with offices in 14 countries. Our mission is to change how management is practiced and taught. Learn more


Maui Mastermind

mauiMaui Mastermind offers business coaching, resources and tools to help scale your small business. Maui’s coaches aim to help the business owner build a business, not a job! Too many business owners get trapped inside the very business they word so hard to build. Learn more

Mimi Speaks!

MimiDonaldsonLogoMimi is a superstar in the speaking business, keynoting with celebrities for audiences of thousands. Her rare combination of sophisticated humor and solid content makes her one of America’s most popular funny females. Learn more


Dana Smith: Exalt Resources

exaltExalt Resources’ mission is to provide a comprehensive human resource (HR) solution uniquely tailored to meet the needs of small, mid-size and large businesses. We provide unique HR staffing solutions for each of our clients and understand the importance of enabling our clients to focus on their core business interests. Learn more


Nola Force & Associates

Business coaching and legal consulting firm, Nola Force & Associates provides consulting services to individuals, businesses and organizations. Learn more

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