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Becoming A Better Communicator

Are you:

Getting ready for an important Board presentation?

Need to send powerful messages?

Want to persuade and influence people?

If your goals include being a better communicator or making dynamic presentations to move people, inspire your team or inform the public, I CAN help you.


In one session you will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Distinguish yourself as an authority
  • Learn secrets of paid keynote speakers
  • Understand how to give better interviews for TV, radio and in internet
  • Learn the power of “Free Advertising” by becoming a trusted media resource


You will also learn:  

  • A system for better decision-making
  • Tools for getting your intended message clearly communicated
  • How to use your body language, tone of voice, appearance and physical expressions effectively
  • Increased ability to make key connections and better communication skills
  • How to research your ideas to convincingly communicate them
  • The elements to the communication process
  • A secret to funneling your topics to maximize discussion
  • Better time mastery
  • The difference between being busy and highly potent with time to spare for the rest of your life Balance
  • You will have immediate access to me

Fees are based on a sliding scale.  I’ve trained for Leadership at The Kennedy School at Harvard and for corporate and boards of directors at UC Berkeley.

I’m co-founder of the local chapters of the Women Business Owner’s Association and was even once named CEO of the Year by the LA Business Journal.

My name is Patty DeDominic and I’m easy to talk to and, in spite of what I just said above, I’m humble. 🙂

Please find me at DeDominic.com and call now to set up your free first call 805-453-7490, or submit your contact information using the form below and I will find you!  Powerful local and national references. Completely confidential.

I'm Interested In a Public Speaking/Presentation Coach

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

About Patty DeDominic

After decades of building her own multi-million-dollar enterprise, Patty became an angel investor and business consultant. Today she is a no nonsense, fun loving Business Coach for high achieving teams.   Two of Patty’s business clients in the past few years achieved unicorn status ($1B), many are on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies list and boast over 38% annual growth rates.

Patty founded and built PDQCareers & CT Engineering, the 600 employee Recruiting/Engineering Outsource Contracting firm doing business across the USA and in 3 countries (Japan, the Philippines and Jamaica).  She successfully founded, then acquired companies and after placing over 250,000 people she sold in 2006.  That business and former clients are now part of America’s largest specialty staffing supplier, Employbridge.

Patty also worked closely with Dr Jane Goodall, as board member and chair of governance to scale the Institute and expanded to over 60 countries with Roots & Shoots, a network of kids making a difference for their communities, the environment and animals.   She loves her animals including chickens and donkeys and today she gets to live in the “country” on Wings Ranch in Santa Barbara county.


Patty DeDominic is a business coach to businesses exceeding $10 million in annual sales. Named CEO of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal, she also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from two United States Presidents and built, grew, then sold a 600-employee firm that is now part of a billion-dollar staffing leader.



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