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Successfully managing and leading a business can depend on a lot of things, and one of these is the kind of people you hire. Hiring the right person can mean building and growing a strong, capable team that will drive your company towards success, whereas hiring the wrong person can do the opposite. No one wants to set their company up for failure and I realize you may be making bad hires unintentionally. Here are 10 key tips to give you more of what you need to know about hiring the right people.
Hiring the right person
• Regardless of the position they’re filling, hiring the right person makes everything flow better. You will begin to see the differences immediately.
• Hiring the right person also gives the company wings. When your team is full of people who are skilled, competent, and capable, and can get the job done, your company will soar. Being a successful business means having a strong, effective and productive team that works together, and it all comes down to the people you hire and how you lead them.
• Overall, hiring the right person makes everything easier. Things will run much more smoothly at your company when there are fewer weak links in the chain, or when everyone is a strong and competent team member who can and will do what’s needed for the business to thrive.  Everything syncs better when you have the right people working for your company.
Hiring the wrong person
• On the other hand, hiring the wrong person can be disastrous. Hiring the wrong person can raise a lot of problems, from disrupting work pace, inhibiting progress, and creating difficulties in your company culture. Whether it’s because they don’t get along with coworkers (making it harder to work as a team), don’t do what they’re supposed to do on time, or they don’t treat your clients right (giving your company a bad reputation and costing you customers—and money), hiring the wrong person for the job makes everything harder and much more of a struggle.

• So to avoid hiring the wrong person, and increase your chances of hiring the right person do these 10 steps:
1. Take the hiring process more  seriously.
2. Use a structured interview process, starting with a carefully written job description.
3. Review and screen resumes for experience and the ability to follow instructions you posted in your ads.
4. Seek out candidates who already have a track record of success in the areas you are weaker in.
5. Use multiple email interactions and interviews to screen out under or unqualified candidates.
6. Ask specific not generalized questions.  Forget asking hypothetical, everyone knows the right answers. What you are looking for is what they actually did under a specific circumstance.
7. Check references and verify some of the specifics you were told about.
8. Get assertive when you find a great person. Let them know early on that you wish to take this conversation to the next level and that you are pleased with what you see so far.
9. Roll out the welcome mat for the best… if you don’t, your competition probably will.
10. Set up frequent follow up meetings that whole first year to inspect what you expect and give feedback during the first year.


These steps might seem like they take extra time but they actually save the screeners and interviewers time by only considering the best candidates.  Go get the best… you deserve it and so do your customers!

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