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If you want to be the best, look to the best — that’s why athletes, artists, and even

parents seek out mentors who can give them guidance and advice to advance and

improve their lives. Business owners can benefit from working with a business

coach who can help professionals leverage their impact and professional assets.

A business coach from a high-level business consulting group can not only help you

define success, but achieve it as well. At DeDominic & Associates, we work with

CEOs, executives, boards, and founders to help them improve their personal

effectiveness by making strategic connections, improving recruiting, making referrals,

and hosting coaching groups.

Working with business leaders who are ready to take the next step in their careers is

one of my favorite aspects of what I do, for several reasons:

  • Business coaching keeps both my clients and me fresh, objective, and on course toward their business goals.

To get you to the top of your game, I have to be at the top of mine. Business coaching

not only brings innovative ideas to my clients’ practices, but encourages and pushes me

to think outside the box and help clients find new ways to stay relevant in an ever changing business climate.

I love the challenge of facing an unexpected situation and working with the client to

develop proven solutions that will transform their company and change

the entire industry in which the business operates. Just today, we walked through a

client’s financials to find the four most important numbers to monitor monthly.

  • Real problems benefit from the coach’s seasoned experience.

One of the reasons working with coaches and advisors can be so valuable is because

they can offer real-life solutions to problems that may arise in your business. I’ve got

more than 30 years of experience, and each of my associates has in-depth knowledge

of their industry. We’ve all come up against situations that needed a creative solution.

We put our heads together to come up with results that work. We can analyze and

evaluate logically as well as intuitively.

We’ve already lived through many of the difficulties you’ve faced in your business, and

can help you brainstorm and develop a plan to strategically take the next step forward.

I’ll share the lessons I have learned in different verticals, and you get the benefit of tried-and-true results. Business coaching gives me the chance to share with you what worked and didn’t, and what you should look for to avoid finding yourself in the same situation.

  • It’s powerful and so rewarding to see clients cut years off their exit strategies.

Helping business owners set a plan that will allow them to develop themselves as entrepreneurs is, hands-down, the most rewarding component of business coaching. Entrepreneurs who had expected to spend much longer with their business have found themselves able to sell sooner and move ahead.

A business coach will help you turn your business ideas and thoughts into a concrete, solid action plan with defined steps, and will help you stay accountable to completing each component of the program.


Patty DeDominic is a business coach to highly accomplished  entrepreneurs. She has been privileged to work with several unicorns and has a USA Based Virtual Advisory Service with specialties in growing to SCALE or for sale.



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