“Only he that has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep.”

— Chinese Proverb

When the road from where you are to where you want to go looks long and arduous, you need a guide who has traveled that path. If you are a CEO seeking to expand to the next level—and beyond—Patty DeDominic can get you there. She has walked that road herself, knows where the pitfalls are, and has established a network of resources that can assist in smoothing the way.

DeDominic is a seasoned professional in taking companies from startup to successful sale. Whether catapulting mid-sized corporations into billion dollar enterprises, doing mergers and acquisitions, enhancing clients’ R.O.I., and boosting the effectiveness of leadership teams, she has been there. But before she could do that, she earned her place in the global market by building her own startup from zero to 600 employees, acquiring two other firms, and then successfully selling the company for millions.

Over the course of her career she has collaborated and established relationships with world leaders like Jane Goodall, universities and several presidents of the United States (from both parties) and their families. She has served on numerous non-profit and corporate boards, including Chair of the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the SCORE Foundation, the $7 Billion Insurance Fund and is President Emeritus of the National Association of Women Business Owners (Los Angeles).

She has received outstanding recognition and honors including Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2006 CEO of the Year award, USC and AT&T National Supplier of the Year, Department of Labor and United Nations for outstanding practices and Employer of the Year.

Patty DeDominic built her stellar career helping high achieving individuals and companies, from startups to billion dollar US Corporations, meet and exceed their objectives. Where do you want to go?

DeDominic & Associates is an award winning

Business Coaching and Management Consulting Firm

We work with you to achieve YOUR definition of success by developing innovative solutions.

Our broad networks and indistry expertise are great leverage tools for accelerating your growth.
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Who We Are

DeDominic & Associates’ focus is coaching high-achieving entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations. We help you develop your management initiates by building a strong advisory board and by creating innovative solutions to business road-blocks. We have been privileged to collaborate with world leaders including Dr. Jane Goodall, President William J. Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore, both Presidents Bush and members of their families. Read more…

Our Services

Our team of leading industry experts develop meaningful long-term relationships by supporting and supplementing our clients’ visions. We treat every client relationship like a partnership; our success is a result of your success. We are committed to providing effective management consulting services and providing personal attention.
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“Patty has been there, done that. It’s so great to have credible support to navigate the unknown waters that entrepreneurship floats our way. She’s super connected, super knowledgeable, super passionate, and super helpful. Love her!”

– Lynda Weinman, co-founder of lynda.com

“Patty’s presentation and discussion at the kickoff of uTHRIVE – Union Bank’s new Employee Resource Group for women – was phenomenal!  All of her messages resonated with our groups’ core values – especially the need to appreciate our own strengths, support each other through common bonds, embrace changes and pivots in life as opportunities to grow and always remember to pay it forward by sharing our success with others.  Her messages and authentic style was the perfect way to start a meaningful dialogue for the women in Union Bank. Meeting you and reading your book was a top highlight for me in 2012.  I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on Union Bank.”

– Heather Robinson, SVP, eBusiness, Union Bank of California

“Patty has a brilliant mind! She can size up a situation and offer insightful recommendation faster than anybody I know. I find her perception and strategic thinking extremely valuable. Talking to Patty and finding out what is in her mind is always a delightful learning experience.”

– Charlie Woo, CEO of Megatoys and former Chair of the LA Chamber of Commerce

“Patty takes a systematic approach to diagnosing and overcoming roadblocks to leadership success. She has helped my company improve business results by creating innovative solutions to business challenges. For the past two years, she has helped me to develop systems and processes that drive growth, my sales increased 50% each year and my business operations improved remarkably. She has successfully developed her own career as well as those of others she mentored. She is an expert business coach who takes the time to understand your business, you market and all its challenges, she sees that big picture and works with you to find better ways, she inspires you to get the results you are looking for.”

– Jeffrey Zhang Ph.D., Principal Statistician/Managing Partner of Princeton Pharmatech

“Patty is an accomplished entrepreneur who has succeeded because she knows how to motivate employees and colleagues. In addition to her demonstrated people skills, she knows how to run a sharp business. I’ve known her for over 20 years and what stands out is that Patty sets high goals and builds her team to get there.”

– Ellen Lapham, Principal at Innovation Ventures

“Patty has proven to be an excellent coach and business professional. Her ability to help others strategically plan for business growth and expansion while implementing the necessary day to day processes which enable one accomplish stellar results is beyond extraordinary. I would highly recommend her.”

– Andrea Dominic, CEO at SpaTrends.com

“The Arts Fund is so fortunate to have you and Gene as our Community Ambassadors. You two are not only movers and shakers in Santa Barbara but worldwide! And with all the other areas that demand your attention, we at the Arts Fund are grateful for your presence and participation.

We know that if it was not for your influence and knowledge about leaders in the business and volunteer world in Santa Barbara, we would not have the likes of board members such as Del, Dorbe, and Sasha. And then there is our “Jewel in The Crown,” Catherine Gee.”

– Joanne Holderman, founder of the Santa Barbara Arts Fund

“Patty DeDominic is my favorite executive consultant in Santa Barbara. Known as the ‘executive coaches’ coach,’ Patty helps high achievers and professionals in medicine and business, non-profits and entrepreneurial founders and boards of directors. Patty is an expert when it comes to entrepreneurial & executive education, employee recruitment, career management and organizational development with emphasis on succession planning. I know Patty personally from working with her on the Women’s Festivals in Santa Barbara. She is always a joy to work with and continues to amaze me with her expertise as a strategic coach in brand consulting, and in running tradeshows. Patty is also Chief Operating Officer and Chief Catalyst at Maui Mastermind. I highly recommend Patty DeDominic to all my colleagues as a nonprofit consultant and one of the best small business consultants Santa Barbara has to offer. She is a black belt when it comes to business management, business streamlining and scaling. Patty has built one of the finest networks of small business advisors and business consultants in Santa Barbara.”

– Taylor Reaume, Founder of The Search Engine Pros

“Your words and the stories of the incredible women you profiled in your book were both inspiring and heartwarming. Thank you for making our first National Charity League Sustainers Scholarship Luncheon so special!”

– Eileen, Julianne & Heather, National Charity League Peninsula Chapter

“Patty DeDominic is an outstanding leader that puts her heart and soul into her work, vision-building of a fine organization and philanthropy. I’ve worked around very powerful iconic leaders in the business community and Patty is absolutely one the very best leader’s whom I had the honor and privilege to work with. I’m proud that I can be a better leader myself by virtue of her demonstration and integrity.”

– Ralph Flores, Energy and Solar Consultant at SunCraft Solar Energy Systems

“Patty has a unique quality in identifying high value, synergistic relationships that benefit all whom surround her! I continue to grow in a meaningful way from Patty’s mentorship, her practical knowledge, and successful track record in building business. We appreciate so much your wisdom in helping us though some difficult times with your positive advice on building on our strengths.”

– Paul Robinson, Co-Founder of Platinum Eagle Aerospace

“Patty’s knowledge and talent is awesome and her expertise and warmth combined make her a powerful force for her clients. I highly recommend her.”

– Ellen Reid, President & CEO at Ellen Reid’s Book Shepherding

– Christine McHale, co-founder SPK and Associates, audio testimonial


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DeDominic & Associates

DeDominic & Associates are consultants and coaches to high achieving organizations; we coach professionals in entrepreneurial and social enterprises. DeDominic & Associates helps professionals leverage their impact and professional assets.

We work with CEOs, executives, boards and founders to enhance personal effectiveness. We offer the following services:

  • Introductions and strategic connections
  • Board member and executive development & recruiting
  • Career transitions and strategic decision support
  • Referrals to Certified Professionals worldwide
  • Mastermind Coaching Groups

DeDominic & Associates is an award winning business consulting group.  We work with you to achieve your definition of success. Whether you are about to climb your first mountain, stepping down from running a billion dollar enterprise, or looking for the perfect individual to fill a new role, it helps to have a skilled guide and partner.

Contact DeDominic & Associates today for a free initial consultation or referral.

We love helping achievers soar.

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