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When You’re Out On a Limb

I was wrong. I’ll admit it now. But at the time, it seemed to go against everything I knew, and felt, as a CEO. I’m talking about going out on a limb. As a leader. Should you do it? And if so, what should you do when you get there? I’ll get to my hard-learned lesson...

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$10 Million Ceiling

Top Three Reasons Your Business Can’t Shatter the $10 Million Ceiling As a business coach, I see it all the time. I see smart, energetic entrepreneurs who have succeeded well beyond their first dreams, or those of their parents. They’re helming multimillion-dollar...

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2018 Changes in California Labor Law

Labor Law updates 2018 for California Employers, Other US Employers take note, similar changes may soon or have been made to your regulations. The California legislature has enacted many new laws that affect both employers and employees. Below are summaries of the...

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